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• Plant Health Progress A peer-reviewed, applied journal focusing on plant health. Covers plant disease, entomology, and nematology of crops and ornamentals.

• Plant Disease Management Reports More than 5,000 searchable efficacy reports on various means of pest control, such as fungicides, nematicides, and biological controls. PDMR’s purpose is to help users determine the most effective chemicals and nonchemical pest management agents and to ensure maximum effectiveness/minimum use in terms of application. Reports cover various crops, ornamentals, turf and forage.

• Arthropod Management Tests Efficacy reports of insecticides and other means of insect control. Helps users determine the most effective chemicals and brands in managing insects and also to ensure maximum effectiveness/minimum use in terms of application rates. Reports cover crops, ornamentals, turf and forage.

• Fungicides for Field Crops Manual An online book that provides an overview of the current knowledge of fungicides and their use on nearly 20 field crops that is useful to growers and those who advise them.

• Symposium/Meeting Proceedings A collection of proceedings on topics related to agriculture and horticulture.

• PMN Image Collections A collection of more than 4,000 plant disease and agricultural images for disease identification, class illustrations, and presentations.

• PMN Partner Extension Search A comprehensive, searchable collection of agricultural and horticultural extension materials provided by PMN's land-grant university partners.

• PMN Plant Science Database A searchable collection of agricultural and horticultural solutions provided by partners in the industry and nonprofit sectors. These solutions include management recommendations, product listings, fact sheets, and more.

• PMN Cross-Journal Search A searchable index of peer-reviewed, applied journals published by partner organizations. Search records link directly to abstracts of the articles.

• Focus on Soybean, Focus on Potato, Focus on Corn, Focus on Tomato, and Focus on Cotton Five separate online portals for growers, crop consultants, and researchers seeking information on producing healthy, high-yielding soybean, corn, tomato, cotton, and potato crops. These resources feature webcasts from noted extension agents on crop production, protection, and management.

• Focus on Ag Practitioners A one-stop portal of agricultural resources for certified crop advisers, independent consultants, and other ag practitioners.

• PMN Update A free monthly newsletter produced by PMN that summarizes PMN's latest industry news and research articles.
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