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Posted 20 March 2018. PMN Crop News.

Innovative Solar Dryer to Help Farmers Reduce Crop Losses

Source: East-West Seed Press Release.

Nonthaburi, Thailand (January 11, 2018)--Team i-Agri Ventures, one of the
East-West Seed Innovation Olympics winners, developed an innovative solar dryer that can help farmers increase their income and reduce losses.


The team from University of the Philippines Los Banos, were one of the top three teams in the competition. They effectively defended their innovative idea of a “multi-crop dryer” that hopes to significantly increase farmers’ revenue by increasing the market value of their crop and reducing post-harvest losses, especially during seasons of overproduction or low farmgate prices.

Dubbed as the “hackathon” of agriculture, the EWS Innovation Olympics is a competition that challenges the next generation of leaders to develop new technologies to increase productivity of vegetable farmers.

Learn more about the EWS Innovation Olympics and watch Team i-Agri Ventures unpack their ideas.