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Poster #1

Headline Application Number Impacts Southern Rust Control and Yield of Double Crop Corn.

Presenting Author: A. K. HAGAN

Coauthors: K. L. Bowen, R. Akridge

Abstract  |  Poster

Poster #2

Southern Corn Rust: A Recurring Disease with Yield Loss Implications.

Presenting Author: C. A. HOLLIER

Abstract  |  Poster

Poster #3

Modeling Southern Corn Rust in a Search for Potential Spray Thresholds.

Presenting Author: P. VINCELLI

Abstract  |  Poster


Poster #4

Scouting for Rust on the Frontline in Mississippi.

Presenting Author: T. W. ALLEN

Coauthors: W. F. Moore, M. Broome, A. Milling, J. Bridgers, M. Steede, A. Henn.


Poster #5

Robiga and Rudu in "Robiga Investigates Wheat Stripe Rust Infecting Wild Barley Grass".

Presenting Author: J. BAILEY

Coauthor: C. R. Wellings

Abstract  |  Poster

Poster #6

Phylogenetic Relationships Among Isolates of Uromyces Transversalis from Gladiolus × Hortulanus Based on its Sequence Data.

Presenting Author: J. W. BUCK

Coauthors: H. Avenot, A. Valencia-Botín, C. Palmer, S. N. Jeffers, K. Pedley

Abstract  |  Poster

Poster #7

Managing Sunflower Rust in Early-Onset Epidemics with Fungicides in North Dakota in 2010 and 2011.

Presenting Author: A. J. FRISKOP

Coauthors: S. Halley, J. Schaefer, B. Schatz, M. Wunsch , P. Hendrickson, T. Gulya, S. Meyer, S. Markell

Abstract  |  Poster

Poster #8

Breeding for Resistance to Orange Rust of Sugarcane Caused by Puccinia kuehnii.

Presenting Author: N. GLYNN

Coauthor: J. Comstock


Poster #9

Determining Yield Loss Caused by Brown Rust in Production Fields of Sugarcane.

Presenting Author: M. P. GRISHAM

Coauthor: R. M. Johnson

Abstract  |  Poster

Poster #10

Detection and Quantification of Sugarcane Rust Spores in Passive Traps by Real-time qPCR.

Presenting Author: J. S. HAUDENSHIELD

Coauthors: N. C. Glynn, G. L. Hartman, R. N. Raid, J. C. Comstock

Abstract  |  Poster

Poster #11

Characterizing Functional Role of G Proteins Involved in Nonhost Disease Resistance Against Rust Pathogens in Rice.

Presenting Author: S. LEE

Coauthors: H. Lee, H. Hisano, Z. Wang, K. S. Mysore

Abstract  |  Poster

Poster #12

Fungicide Timing and Efficacy Trials for Common Bean Rust Management.

Presenting Author: L. K. OLSON

Coauthors: S. Halley, M. Wunsch, B. Schatz, S. Meyer, R. Goswami, F. Mathew, R. Lamppa, P. Hendrickson, S. Markell

Abstract  |  Poster

Poster #13

Peanut Rust Resistance in Newly Developed Peanut Breeding Lines.

Presenting Author: I. POWER

Coauthors: A. Culbreath, B. Tillman

Abstract  |  Poster

Poster #14

Management of the Switchgrass Rust Disease by Deploying Host Resistant Genes and Monitoring the Dynamics of Pathogen Populations.

Presenting Author: B. ZHAO

Coauthors: S. M. Marek, C. D. Garzon, B. Tyler, B. Yang


Poster #15

Evaluation of Hordeum vulgare L. Responses to Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici via Quantitative Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction.

Presenting Author: J. ZURN

Coauthors: R. Brueggeman, M. Acevedo

Abstract  |  Poster


Poster #16

Differences in Responses and Protein Profiles of Soybean Recombinant Inbred Line (RIL)-Derived Sister Lines to Phakopsora pachyrhizi inoculation.

Presenting Author: M. C. GANIGER

Coauthors: D. R. Walker, Z. Chen


Poster #17

Identifying Highly Connected Counties Compensates for Resource Limitations When Sampling National Spread of Soybean Rust.

Presenting Author: K. A. GARRETT

Coauthors: S. Sutrave (1, 2), C. Scoglio, S. A. Isard, J. M. S. Hutchinson

Abstract  |  Poster

Poster #18

Sensitivity Monitoring of Phakopsora pachyrhizi Populations to Triazoles in Brazil.

Presenting Author: C. V. GODOY

Coauthors: S. A. Xavier, D. C. Martins, M. G. Canteri, M. C. Meyer


Poster #19

Soybean Rust in Louisiana: A Change of History Producing a History of Change.

Presenting Author: C. A. HOLLIER

Coauthors: P. A. Bollich, G. B. Padgett, M. Purvis

Abstract  |  Poster

Poster #20

Functional Genetic and Genomic Approaches to Study Nonhost Resistance of Medicago truncatula Against Asian Soybean Rust Pathogen, Phakopsora pachyrhizi.

Presenting Author: Y. ISHIGA

Coauthors: S. R. Uppalapati, S. Mittal, V. Doraiswamy, M. Bedair, J. Chen, J. Nakashima, R. Chen, H. Schultheiss, K. S Mysore

Abstract  |  Poster

Poster #21

Fungicides Performance on the Control of Asian Soybean Rust (Phakopsora pachyrhizi) in Goias State, Brazil.

Presenting Author: M. C. MEYER

Coauthors: J. Nunes Junior, C. B. Pimenta, N. B. Costa, S. Guarnieri, A. Seii, J. Nunes Sobrinho, W. S. Venancio, C. V. Godoy


Poster #22

Characterization of Soybean Host Resistance and Asian Soybean Rust (ASR) Pathogen Variability for Durable Resistance.

Presenting Author: P. TIAN

Coauthor: S. M. Smith

Abstract  |  Poster

Poster #23

Pathogenic Variability of Phakopsora pachyrhizi Isolates Collected from the United States.

Presenting Author: M. TWIZEYIMANA

Coauthor: G. L. Hartman.

Abstract  |  Poster

Poster #24

Comparison of Asian Soybean Rust Chemical Control on a Susceptible and a Resistant Cultivar in Brazil.

Presenting Author: W. S. VENANCIO

Coauthors: R. M. Venancio, M. C. Meyer, J. Nunes Junior , E. Begliomini, M. Jasper


Poster #25

Decision Model for Fungicide Applications for Soybean Rust.

Presenting Author: H. M. YOUNG

Coauthors: D. L. Wright, J. J. Marois

Abstract  |  Poster


Poster #26

Screening of Azerbaijani Durum Wheat Accessions to Leaf Rust.

Presenting Author: M. ABBASOV

Coauthors: R. Bowden, J. Raup, S. Sehgal, J. Poland , S. Babayeva, B. Gill

Abstract  |  Poster

Poster #27

Foliar Fungicide Evaluation at Different Growth Stages in Hard Red Winter Wheat.

Presenting Author: R. W. DUNCAN

Coauthors: D. Hathcoat, G. D. Morgan

Abstract  |  Poster

Poster #28

Predicting Stripe Rust Epidemics in Kansas Using Regional Drought Indices and Local Weather Conditions.

Presenting Author: B. GRABOW

Coauthor: E. D. De Wolf

Abstract  |  Poster

Poster #29

QTL Mapping of Resistance to Ethiopian Stem Rust Races Including Ug99 in Durum Wheat (Triticum durum Desf.)

Presenting Author: J. K. HAILE

Coauthors: M. S. Röder, M. M. Nachit, K. Hammer, A. Badebo

Abstract  |  Poster

Poster #30

Managing Wheat Stem Rust in the Southern Soft Red Winter Wheat Region.

Presenting Author: E. A. MILUS

Coauthor: D. E. Moon

Abstract  |  Poster

Poster #31

Role of Barberry in Stem Rust Epidemics and Race Diversity in Washington and Idaho, 2007–2009.

Presenting Author: T. D. MURRAY

Coauthors: X. Chen, D. Roberts, Y. Jin


Poster #32

Increased Wax Deposition on the Epicuticular Layer of Wheat Leaves May Lower Incidence of Leaf Rust Infection.

Presenting Author: A. PACHECO

Coauthor: D. B. Hays


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