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Photos from the symposium in San Antonio, TX


Nearly 20 talks were given on rusts of various crops, including corn, soybean, wheat, and flax.



Field Crops Rust Symposium Coordinator Don Hershman, University of Kentucky, welcomes attendees to the meeting.


Scott Isard, Penn State University, gives a talk on the global movements of rust pathogens in the atmosphere.


Attendees Bob Kemerait, University of Georgia, and Albert Tenuta, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, enjoy a conversation during the dessert reception.


Symposium organizers Don Hershman, University of Kentucky, and Erick DeWolf, Kansas State University, review the program schedule.


Julie Golod, Penn State University, is recognized for her technical and organizational contributions to rust monitoring.


Carl Bradley, University of Illinois, discusses a poster with colleagues.


Attendees take notes as the speakers share their knowledge and expertise.


Nearly 140 people attended the general sessions.

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