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  25 April 2017. St. Paul MN USA                                       ISSN 1535-1025

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 Peer Reviewed Articles

Research affecting practical management recommendations.  

Response of Microbial Populations on the Creeping Bentgrass Phyllosphere to Periodic Fungicide Applications.
J. R. Doherty, M. Botti-Marino, J. P. Kerns, D. F. Ritchie, and J. A. Roberts.
24 April 2017. Public Summary | Article

Soybean Yield Loss Estimates Due to Diseases in the United States and Ontario, Canada, from 2010 to 2014.
T. W. Allen, C. A. Bradley, A. J. Sisson, E. Byamukama, M. I. Chilvers, C. M. Coker, A. A. Collins, J. P. Damicone, A. E. Dorrance, N. S. Dufault, P. D. Esker, T. R. Faske, L. J. Giesler, A. P. Grybauskas, D. E. Hershman, C. A. Hollier, T. Isakeit, D. J. Jardine, H. M. Kelly, R. C. Kemerait, N. M. Kleczewski, S. R. Koenning, J. E. Kurle, D. K. Malvick, S. G. Markell, H. L. Mehl, D. S. Mueller, J. D. Mueller, R. P. Mulrooney, B. D. Nelson, M. A. Newman, L. Osborne, C. Overstreet, G. B. Padgett, P. M. Phipps, P. P. Price, E. J. Sikora, D. L. Smith, T. N. Spurlock, C. A. Tande, A. U. Tenuta, K. A. Wise, and J. A. Wrather.
13 April 2017. Public Summary | Article

Pachysandra Species and Cultivar Susceptibility to the Boxwood Blight Pathogen, Calonectria pseudonaviculata.
J. A. LaMondia.
13 April 2017. Public Summary | Article

First Description of the Causal Agent of Taproot Decline of Soybean, an Emerging Disease in the Southern United States.
T. Allen, B. Bluhm, K. Conner, V. Doyle, T. Price, E. Sikora, R. Singh, T. Spurlock, M. Tomaso-Peterson, and T. Wilkerson.
5 April 2017. Public Summary | Article

Fungicide Rotation Programs for Managing Phytophthora Fruit Rot of Watermelon in Southeastern United States.
C. S. Kousik, P. Ji, D. S. Egel, and L. M. Quesada-Ocampo.
5 April 2017. Public Summary | Article

First Description of the Causal Agent of Taproot Decline of Soybean, an Emerging Disease in the Southern United States.
T. Allen, B. Bluhm, K. Conner, V. Doyle, T. Price, E. Sikora, R. Singh, T. Spurlock, M. Tomaso-Peterson, and T. Wilkerson.
5 April 2017. Public Summary | Article

Fungicide Rotation Programs for Managing Phytophthora Fruit Rot of Watermelon in Southeastern United States.
C. S. Kousik, P. Ji, D. S. Egel, and L. M. Quesada-Ocampo.
5 April 2017. Public Summary | Article

Monitoring Using a Sentinel Plant System Reveals Very Limited Aerial Spread of Phytophthora ramorum From Infected Ornamental Plants in a Quarantine Research Nursery.
T. Pastalka, S. Rooney-Latham, K. Kosta, K. Suslow, V. Huffman, S. Ghosh, and W. Schweigkofler.
16 March 2017. Public Summary | Article

Western Flower Thrips Can Transmit Tomato spotted wilt virus From Virus-infected Tomato Fruits.
S. A. Szostek, P. Rodriguez, J. Sanchez, S. Adkins, and R. A. Naidu.
16 March 2017. Public Summary | Article

Reaction of Selected Cultivars of Sugar Maple to Anthracnose in North Alabama.
A. K. Hagan, K. L. Bowen, K. N. Conner, J. L. Sibley, and A. W. Caylor.
30 January 2017. Public Summary | Article

ECX: An R Package for Studying Sensitivity of Antimicrobial Substances Using Spiral Plating Technology.
G. A. Torres-Londoño, M. Hausbeck, and J. Hao.
13 January 2017. Public Summary | Article

Evaluation of Plant Health Programs Using Outcome Mapping.
A. L. Testen, D. P. Mamiro, J. Nahson, H. D. Mtui, and S. A. Miller.
6 December 2016. Public Summary | Article

Evaluation of Chipped Cankers for Management of Eastern Filbert Blight.
S. Heckert, J. W. Pscheidt, and S. A. Cluskey.
5 December 2016. Public Summary | Article

Effectiveness of a Low-volume Spray Technology in the Control of Major Strawberry Diseases in Florida.
L. G. Cordova and N. A. Peres.
8 November 2016. Public Summary | Article

Identifying Soybean Rust-resistant and Susceptible Populations of Kudzu to Increase Disease Monitoring Efficiency in Alabama.
E. J. Sikora and M. A. Delaney.
8 November 2016. Public Summary | Article

Analyses of Yield and Economic Response from Foliar Fungicide and Insecticide Applications to Soybean in the North Central United States.
Y. R. Kandel, D. S. Mueller, C. E. Hart, N. R. C. Bestor, C. A. Bradley, K. A. Ames, L. J. Giesler, and K. A. Wise.
7 November 2016. Public Summary | Article

Effect of Seed Treatment on Early Season Brown Spot Caused by Septoria glycines of Soybean.
J. C. Batzer, Y. R. Kandel, C. A. Bradley, M. I. Chilvers, A. U. Tenuta, K. A. Wise, E. Hernández, and D. S. Mueller.
20 October 2016. Public Summary | Article

Corn Yield Loss Estimates Due to Diseases in the United States and Ontario, Canada from 2012 to 2015.
D. S. Mueller, K. A. Wise, A. J. Sisson, T. W. Allen, G. C. Bergstrom, D. B. Bosley, C. A. Bradley, K. D. Broders, E. Byamukama, M. I. Chilvers, A. Collins, T. R. Faske, A. J. Friskop, R. W. Heiniger, C. A. Hollier, D. C. Hooker, T. Isakeit, T. A. Jackson-Ziems, D. J. Jardine, H. M. Kelly, K. Kinzer, S. R. Koenning, D. K. Malvick, M. McMullen, R. F. Meyer, P. A. Paul, A. E. Robertson, G. W. Roth, D. L. Smith, C. A. Tande, A. U. Tenuta, P. Vincelli, and F. Warner.
28 September 2016. Public Summary | Article

Quality Assessment of the Commercially Available Predator Amblyseius swirskii (Acari: Phytoseiidae).
L. Lopez and H. A. Smith.
14 September 2016. Public Summary | Article

Polyoxin D and Other Biopesticides Reduce Gummy Stem Blight But Not Anthracnose on Melon Seedlings.
A. P. Keinath.
17 August 2016. Public Summary | Article

Comparison of Two Soil Sampling Methods for Estimating Population Densities of Heterodera glycines Cysts.
E. Smrtnik, T. Niblack, P. Paul, A. Dorrance, and D. Bruns.
15 August 2016. Public Summary | Article

Improved Method for Injecting Fungal Inoculum into Corn Ears.
N. R. Anderson, J. D. Ravellette, and K. A. Wise.
21 July 2016. Public Summary | Article

Effect of Foliar Fungicide and Insecticide on Hail-Damaged Soybean.
A. J. Sisson, Y. R. Kandel, C. E. Hart, A. Asmus, S. N. Wiggs, and D. S. Mueller.
20 June 2016. Public Summary | Article

Assessment of Common Soybean-Infecting Viruses in Ohio, USA, Through Multi-site Sampling and High-Throughput Sequencing.
J. Han, L. L. Domier, B. J. Cassone, A. Dorrance, and F. Qu.
10 June 2016. Public Summary | Article

Management Strategies for Barley Yellow Dwarf on Winter Wheat in Kansas.
W. W. Bockus, E. D. De Wolf, and T. C. Todd.
7 June 2016. Public Summary | Article

A Ralstonia solanacearum Strain from Guatemala Infects Diverse Flower Crops, Including New Asymptomatic Hosts Vinca and Sutera, and Causes Symptoms in Geranium, Mandevilla Vine, and New Host African Daisy (Osteospermum ecklonis).
J. Weibel, T. M. Tran, A. M. Bocsanczy, M. Daughtrey, D. J. Norman, L. Mejia, and C. Allen.
26 May 2016. Public Summary | Article

Effectiveness of Chemical Compounds and Biocontrol Agents for Management of Bacterial Spot of Pumpkin Caused by Xanthomonas cucurbitae.
S. Thapa and M. Babadoost.
10 May 2016. Public Summary | Article

Yield Losses Due to Crown Rust in Winter Oats in Alabama.
K. L. Bowen, A. K. Hagan, M. Pegues, and J. Jones.
4 May 2016. Public Summary | Article

Characterization of Lygus hesperus (Hemiptera: Miridae) Feeding and Oviposition Injury on Celery Seedlings.
S. V. Joseph, R. Ahedo, and M. de la Fuente.
4 May 2016. Public Summary | Article

Efficacy of Biopesticides and Leaf Removal in Grapevine Powdery Mildew Management.
M. M. Moyer, J. M. Newhouse, and G. G. Grove.
20 April 2016. Public Summary | Article

Occurrence of Phytophthora Species in Commercial Nursery Production.
C. Junker, P. Goff, S. Wagner, and S. Werres.
11 April 2016. Public Summary | Article

Effects on Soybean of Prophylactic In-furrow Application of Insecticide and Fertilizer in Minnesota and Ohio.
R. L. Koch, W. A. Rich, B. D. Potter, and R. B. Hammond.
30 March 2016. Public Summary | Article

Susceptibility of Hop Cultivars to Downy Mildew: Associations with Chemical Characteristics and Region of Origin. J. L. Woods and D. H. Gent.
7 March 2016. Public Summary | Article

Determination of Fungicide Resistance in Botrytis cinerea from Strawberry in the Central Coast Region of California. A. Pokorny, J. Smilanick, C.-L. Xiao, J. J. Farrar, and A. Shrestha.
2 March 2016. Public Summary | Article

Phytophthora ramorum Causes Cryptic Bole Cankers in Canyon Live Oak. T. J. Swiecki, E. A. Bernhardt, K. Aram, D. M. Rizzo, T. Kasuga, and M. Bui.
18 February 2016. Public Summary | Article

Survival of Microsclerotia of Calonectria pseudonaviculata and C. henricotiae Exposed to Sanitizers. N. Shishkoff.
14 January 2016. Public Summary | Article

Effect of Foliar Fungicides on Hail-damaged Corn. A. J. Sisson, Y. R. Kandel, A. E. Robertson, C. E. Hart, A. Asmus, S. N. Wiggs, and D. S. Mueller.
13 January 2016. Public Summary | Article

Susceptibility of Maize Inbreds and Incidence of Symptomless Infection by the Head Smut Pathogen, Sphacelotheca reilianaS. J. Anderson, H. E. Simmons, R. D. French-Monar, and G. P. Munkvold.
5 January 2016. Public Summary | Article

USDA's preparation for threatening new plant diseases.  

Recovery Plan for Laurel Wilt of Avocado, Caused by Raffaelea lauricola.
R. C. Ploetz, M. A. Hughes, P. E. Kendra, S. W. Fraedrich, D. Carrillo, L. L. Stelinski, J. Hulcr, A. E. Mayfield, III, T. L. Dreaden, J. H. Crane, E. A. Evans, B. A. Schaffer, and J. A. Rollins.
4 April 2017. Public Summary | Supplemental Materials | Article Open Access

Issues impacting horticulture, agriculture, the environment, and society.  

Biology and Economics of Recommendations for Insecticide-Based Management of Soybean Aphid.
R. L. Koch, B. D. Potter, P. A. Glogoza, E. W. Hodgson, C. H. Krupke, J. F. Tooker, C. D. DiFonzo, A. P. Michel, K. J. Tilmon, T. J. Prochaska, J. J. Knodel, R. J. Wright, T. E. Hunt, B. Jensen, A. J. Varenhorst, B. P. McCornack, K. A. Estes, and J. L. Spencer.
30 December 2016. Public Summary | Article Open Access

Cryptic Species: A Leitmotif of Contemporary Mycology Has Challenges and Benefits for Plant Pathologists.
F. M. Dugan and S. Everhart.
1 December 2016. Public Summary | Article

Delayed Senescence in Soybean: Terminology, Research Update, and Survey Results from Growers.
C. J. Harbach, T. W. Allen, C. R. Bowen, J. A. Davis, C. B. Hill, M. Leitman, B. R. Leonard, D. S. Mueller, G. B. Padgett, X. A. Phillips, R. W. Schneider, E. J. Sikora, A. K. Singh, and G. L. Hartman.
15 April 2016. Public Summary | Article

Distribution and prevalence of pathogens and diseases

Diseases and Disease Management Strategies Take Top Research Priority in the Watermelon Research and Development Group Members Survey (2014 to 2015).
C. S. Kousik, J. Brusca, and W. W. Turechek.
29 March 2016. Public Summary | Article

Distribution and Abundance of Heterodera glycines and Macrophomina phaseolina in Ohio. H. D. Lopez-Nicora, A. C. M. Simon, B. C. Dossman, P. A. Paul, A. E. Dorrance, L. E. Lindsey, and T. L. Niblack.
3 March 2016. Public Summary | Article

Short reports on new findings and recommendations relevant to practitioners.  

First Report of Tomato chlorotic spot virus in the Non-Solanaceous Weeds Erect Spiderling (Boerhavia erecta), Asian Spiderflower (Cleome viscosa), and Sweet Chili Pepper (Capsicum chinense) in Puerto Rico.
C. E. de Jensen, I. E. Badillo-Vargas, G. Frantz, H. C. Mellinger, W. W. Turechek, S. F. Hutton, J. E. Funderburk, R. A. Naidu, and S. Adkins.
22 March 2017. Public Summary | Article

Incidence and Pathogenicity of Didymella americana on Table Beet in New York.
N. Vaghefi, J. R. Kikkert, and S. J. Pethybridge.
5 January 2017. Public Summary | Article

First Report of Boxwood Blight Caused by Calonectria pseudonaviculata in Florida.
F. Iriarte, M. Paret, G. Knox, T. Schubert, A. Jeyaprakash, and D. Davison.
31 October 2016. Public Summary | Article

Neonectria Canker Found on Spruce and Fir in Swedish Christmas Tree Plantations.
M. Pettersson, J. Frampton, J. Rönnberg, and V. Talgø.
17 September 2016. Public Summary | Article

The G143A Mutation is Responsible for Strobilurin Fungicide Resistance in Cercospora cf. flagellaris, a Leaf Blight and Purple Seed Stain Pathogen of Louisiana Soybean.
S. Albu, T. Price, V. Doyle, B. Padgett, and R. Schneider.
7 September 2016. Public Summary | Article

First Report of a 16SrI (Aster Yellows) Group Phytoplasma in Phlox in the United States.
A. E. Sathoff, D. Rajendran, S. D. Wannemuehler, K. Sweeney, F. Manan, Z. C. Kosgey, L. H. Garber, and B. E. Lockhart.
7 September 2016. Public Summary | Article

Evidence for a Disease Complex Between Pythium aphanidermatum and Root-knot Nematodes in Cucumber.
K. A. Morris, D. B. Langston, B. Dutta, R. F. Davis, P. Timper, J. P. Noe, and D. W. Dickson.
7 September 2016. Public Summary | Article

First Report of Rose Rosette Disease Caused by Rose rosette virus on Knock Out Roses in Louisiana.
R. Singh, R. Valverde, M. Cook, and A. Owings.
30 August 2016. Public Summary | Article

A Standardized Inoculation Protocol to Test Wheat Cultivars for Reaction to Head Blast Caused by Magnaporthe oryzae (Triticum pathotype).
C. D. Cruz, W. W. Bockus, J. P. Stack, B. Valent, J. N. Maciel, and G. L. Peterson.
25 August 2016. Public Summary | Article

Distribution of Phytophthora spp. in Southern Texas Citrus Grove Soils.
M. RoyChowdhury, M. Saini, T. Driver, and B. Minton.
18 August 2016. Public Summary | Article

Surveying for Virus-vectoring Nematodes in Container-grown Blueberry Plants in Oregon.
D. Sharma-Poudyal, C. Fraley, and N. K. Osterbauer.
15 August 2016. Public Summary | Article

Overwintering Stages of Pseudosclerotia Development for Monilinia vaccinii-corymbosi, Causal Agent of Mummy Berry Disease on Highbush Blueberry in North America.
J. Florence and J. W. Pscheidt.
15 August 2016. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Soybean Cyst Nematode HG Type Test Results Differ Among Multiple Samples from the Same Field but the Management Implications Are the Same.
A. Q. Beeman, C. J. Harbach, C. C. Marett, and G. L. Tylka.
22 July 2016. Public Summary | Article

First Report of Lilac ring mottle virus Infecting Lilac in the United States.
D. Sharma-Poudyal, N. K. Osterbauer, M. L. Putnam, and S. W. Scott.
14 July 2016. Public Summary | Article

Identification of Erwinia rhapontici as the Causal Agent of Crown and Shoot Rot and Pink Seed of Pea in Nebraska.
A. O. Adesemoye, H.-H. Wei, and R. M. Harveson.
6 July 2016. Public Summary | Article

Occurrence of Stenocarpella macrospora Causing Ear Rot in Corn in the United States.
M. P. Romero Luna, C. A. Bradley, H. M. Kelly, and K. A. Wise.
15 June 2016. Public Summary | Article

Managing Pod Rot of Lima Bean Caused by Phytophthora capsici with Fungicides in the Mid-Atlantic Region.
A. A. Kness, G. Johnson, K. L. Everts, T. A. Evans, N. M. Donofrio, and E. G. Ernest.
9 June 2016. Public Summary | Article

Potential Hosts for Lambertella corni-maris and Phacidium lacerum within the Family Rosaceae.
M. Wiseman, F. M. Dugan, and C. L. Xiao.
7 June 2016. Public Summary | Article

Re-emergence of Tobacco streak virus Infecting Soybean in the United States and Canada.
M. D. Irizarry, C. L. Groves, M. G. Elmore, C. A. Bradley, R. Dasgupta, T. L. German, D. J. Jardine, E. Saalau Rojas, D. L. Smith, A. U. Tenuta, S. A. Whitham, and D. S. Mueller.
26 April 2016. Public Summary | Article

Re-evaluation of MelCast for Fungicide Scheduling in Mid-Atlantic Watermelon.
K. L. Everts, R. C. Korir, and M. J. Newark.
29 March 2016. Public Summary | Article

A Quantitative Disease Severity Rating Scale for Northern Corn Leaf Blight. T. Price, M. Purvis, and H. Pruitt.
28 March 2016. Public Summary | Article

A Quantifiable Disease Severity Rating Scale for Frogeye Leaf Spot of Soybean. T. Price, M. Purvis, and H. Pruitt.
22 February 2016. Public Summary | Article

First Report of Fruit Rot of Ridge Gourd (Luffa acutangula) Caused by Sclerotium rolfsiiC. S. Kousik, J. Ikerd, and M. Mandal.
14 January 2016. Public Summary | Article

 News and Opinions

Opinions on issues impacting plant health maintenance.  

Open Access Understanding Soybean Cyst Nematode HG Types and Races.
G. L. Tylka.
20 June 2016. Public Summary | Article

Letters to the editor.  

On Seed Transmissibility of Soybean vein necrosis-associated virus in Symptomless Soybean Seedlings.
M. R. Hajimorad.
23 August 2016. Public Summary | Article

Response to "On Seed Transmissibility of Soybean vein necrosis-associated virus in Symptomless Soybean Seedlings." D. L. Smith.
23 August 2016. Public Summary | Article

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