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ClubrootTracker: A Resource to Plan a Clubroot-Free Farm

K. Muirhead, C. D. Todd, Y. Wei, P. Bonham-Smith, and E. Pérez-López

June 2020


Clubroot is a devastating disease affecting cruciferous crops worldwide. Clubroot was first described in the 13th century in Russia and from that moment has been affecting European, Asian, and American brassica production. Plasmodiophora brassicae is the clubroot causal agent, and it is an obligate intracellular parasite that, as soil-borne resting spores, can remain viable in soil for many years. This persistence in the soil is a major negative contributing factor to the management of clubroot disease and highlights the importance for brassica growers to have ready access to current information on the distribution of the pathogen. The interactive online tool ClubrootTracker ( has been developed to enable users to view pathogen and disease presence in geographic locations across the world. ClubrootTracker, as described in this manuscript, has been developed to provide brassica farmers a tool that will contribute to clubroot management and aid in planning a clubroot-free farm. This tool is an open resource that has the main goal of acquisition of GPS information in reporting the pathogen or the disease by the researchers working with it around the world.


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