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Low Substrate pH–Induced Iron/Manganese Toxicity of New Guinea Impatiens: A Diagnostic Guide

W. G. Owen, B. E. Whipker, J. B. Henry, P. Cockson, and H. Landis

November 2018

Diagnostic Guide

New Guinea impatiens (Impatiens hawkeri) are popular bedding plants, but the knowledge of diagnosing abiotic disorders during greenhouse production is evolving. Symptomology of nutrient deficiencies and excessive fertilization have been extensively documented. Exact symptomology of low substrate pH (<5.5) and toxic iron (Fe) and/or manganese (Mn) leaf tissue levels are not defined or photographed, thereby aiding in diagnosis. Therefore, the objective of the diagnostic guide was to photograph symptomology and document the tissue levels in New Guinea impatiens to provide a definitive guide of low substrate pH–induced Fe and/or Mn toxicity.


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