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Pecan Bacterial Leaf Scorch, Caused by Xylella fastidiosa, Is Endemic in Georgia Pecan Orchards

C. H. Bock, J. E. Oliver, C. Chen, M. H. Hotchkiss, K. L. Stevenson, X. Wang, L. J. Grauke, A. E. Hilton, Y.-K. Jo, and J. J. Randall

October 2018


Pecan bacterial leaf scorch (PBLS), caused by Xylella fastidiosa, can cause severe disease in some pecan cultivars, resulting in yield loss. Only recently has some information been obtained regarding the distribution and extent of the disease in pecan in any state in the United States. With emphasis on a susceptible cultivar, Cape Fear, we sampled a total of 91 trees in eight orchards from the southwestern and central production areas in Georgia (GA) and found 60.4% of trees sampled infected, most showing symptoms of PBLS. Further multilocus sequence typing from 16 of these trees confirmed presence X. fastidiosa. The results confirm that X. fastidiosa is widespread geographically in GA, and different cultivars may be infected. This is the first definitive report confirming X. fastidiosa causing PBLS in different pecan producing areas and cultivars in GA.


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