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Fungal Plant Pathogens Associated with Emerging Crops in North America: A Challenge for Plant Health Professionals

F. M. Dugan, S. L. Lupien, and J. Hu

December 2017


“Emerging crops” is a term typically applied to ethnic food plants or to plants used in traditional or ethnic medicine, some of which are becoming viable niche markets in North America. Information on crop protection of these plants is often scarce to lacking. Literature on diagnosis and management of fungal diseases of these crops in North America is concisely reviewed, with information gaps identified. Emphasis is placed on crops comprising recent niche markets for Asian, African, Oceanian, or Latino immigrants. Emerging crops are often tied to economic activities of immigrant populations. Crops of immigrants from Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Oceania are contrasted with crops established by immigrants of European origins, plants usually familiar to North American plant health professionals, and with Native American food and medicinal plants, some of which are experiencing a renaissance as emerging crops.


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