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Royal Netherlands Society of Plant Pathology

The Royal Netherlands Society of Plant Pathology (KNPV) was founded in 1891. It is the oldest plant-pathological society and has currently over 600 members. The aim of the KNPV is to stimulate cooperation and communication between persons with an interest in plant protection, plant diseases and their causal organisms, pest insects and mites and weeds. The KNPV is a platform for interaction between all persons involved in crop protection, including education, consultancy, industry, trade, crop production, policy making and research. These representatives usually meet in KNPV working groups that address specific plant diseases. The KNPV annually organizes several national meetings. Through grants and sponsoring of events, national and international cooperation is stimulated.

The society’s former journal ‘The Netherlands Journal of Plant Pathology’ was continued in 1994 as the internationally renowned European Journal of Plant Pathology (EJPP) that was sold to Kluwer Publishers, which was subsequently acquired by Springer Publishers. The KNPV is contractually linked to EJPP that is published in cooperation with the European Foundation for Plant Pathology (EFPP) whose General Secretary is historically a member of the KNPV. On the national level, the KNPV publishes its journal ‘Gewasbescherming’ (Crop Protection).