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American Peat Technology, LLC.

American Peat Technology is a leader in the identification of peat based products that are beneficial to the environment, including BioAPT, a microbe carrier made from high quality reed sedge peat. American Peat Technology LLC is the leading supplier to the Rhizobia inoculant industry, which has been successfully using peat to carry their fragile Gram-negative bacteria to market for years. BioAPT is proven in the Rhizobia inoculant industry, has exceptional moisture and nutrient retention, superior shelf life, pH neutral, is available in both powder and granular form, and can be used in existing field equipment. American Peat Technology is also working with various researchers on over thirty different research efforts involving various organisms. Contact American Peat Technology to discuss potential scientific research testing.

1132 Air Park Drive
Aitkin, MN 56431
Phone: 218-927-7888
Website: www.americanpeattech.com