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Weather and Off-Target Dicamba Movement

USB Grant-Funded Webcast

May 2020

By Mandy Bish, Ph.D.
Extension Weed Specialist
University of Missouri
Phone: 573-882-9878

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Summary: Most pesticide applicators are familiar with the conditions that lead to physical drift of chemicals, such as applications in high wind speeds. Recently, more attention has been given to temperature inversions and stable air masses and their effects on pesticide movement from intended plants. This presentation will help consultants, county agents, growers, and other practitioners in U.S. soybean-producing states to understand how temperature inversions and stable air contribute to pesticide movement, even though these conditions seem ideal for spraying. Specifically, practitioners will learn how to identify temperature inversions and weather conditions that can increase the risk of pesticide movement.

Biography: Mandy is an extension specialist at the University of Missouri where she has worked with state specialist Kevin Bradley since 2014. She is responsible for assisting with direction and focus of research and education programs related to weed management in Missouri. Mandy grew up on a farm in central Missouri before earning her Bachelor of Science from the University of Missouri and then her Ph.D. at the University of Maryland. Her broad research training, communication skills, and experience growing up on a farm contribute to her desire to assist in designing and conducting relevant research and clearly communicating those results to stakeholders. Mandy has studied temperature inversions since 2015. With guidance from climatologists at Missouri and North Dakota State University, the Missouri group began monitoring inversions at three locations in Missouri. Since that time, the inversion monitoring network has expanded to 29 stations in eight states. Mandy is responsible for analyzing inversion data generated by these stations.

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