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Basics of Soil Health in Potato Production

November 2019

By Robert P. Larkin, Ph.D.
Research Plant Pathologist
New England Plant, Soil and
Water Research Laboratory
University of Maine
Orono, Maine
Phone: 207-581-3367

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Summary: Soil health is important for improving crop productivity and agricultural sustainability, and may be especially important for below-ground crops such as potato. This presentation will help consultants, extension specialists, growers, home gardeners, and other practitioners understand why soil health is important and how to monitor and manage soil health in potato production. Specifically, this presentation will address the questions: What is soil health and why is it important? How is soil health assessed? What are the benefits of improved soil health? What strategies and management practices can be used to improve soil health? This presentation provides basic information on understanding soil health and how it can be managed in potato production systems.

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