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John Deere C690 Calibrations: Round Module Weighing and Moisture Sensor

October 2020

By Christopher Murray
Cotton Marketing Product Manager
John Deere Des Moines Works
Phone: 515-289-3340

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Summary: This presentation provides a “how to” on calibrating the round module weighing system and moisture sensor on John Deere CP690 cotton pickers and CS690 Cotton Strippers. By calibrating these systems, cotton farmers can be confident they are receiving the most accurate data to use for yield monitor calibrations and round module moisture tracking.

Biography: Christopher Murray is a Marketing Product Manager with the John Deere Cotton Harvester product line. Christopher has five years of experience working closely with cotton producers and ginners across the world. Since the summer of 2016, Christopher has been promoting the latest advancements in Precision Cotton Harvesting Technology from John Deere to cotton industry partners. This new technology includes moisture sensing, round module weighing, and Harvest Identification, Cotton Pro module management application.

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