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Bacterial Blight of Cotton
During 2011 & 2012: Field Trash or Seed

By Tom Allen, Ph.D.
Associate Extension/Research Professor
Delta Research and Extension Center
Mississippi State University

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Summary: The presentation will provide consultants and farmers with valuable information regarding the symptoms of bacterial blight of cotton as well as the mechanisms that allow the disease to occur, thrive and spread in a cotton field. More specifically, the situation that has occurred during the past two seasons in the Mid-southern U.S. whereby an increase in the occurrence of bacterial blight will be highlighted. The distribution of the disease during 2011 and 2012 as well as potential management alternatives that can include resistant cotton cultivars as well as tillage practices will also be briefly discussed. In addition, viewers will be briefed regarding the new research project to provide cotton farmers with a valuable method to screen commercially available cotton cultivars for the presence of the bacterium in cotton seed.

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