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Focus on Cotton

What We Have Learned From an Entomological Perspective

By Alana Jacobson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology
Auburn University
Auburn, Alabama

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Summary: Cotton leafroll dwarf virus (CLRDV), the causative agent of cotton leafroll dwarf disease (CLRDD), is an emerging aphid-transmitted virus in the United States. Symptoms of CLRDV infection and resulting yield loss are highly variable among locations, and the factors underlying this variation are not understood. The purpose of this presentation is to share results from studies conducted in 2019 to better understand the aphid-dispersal events responsible for spreading CLRDV to cotton fields and whether the timing of these events at different stages of crop growth impacts symptom severity and yield. How aphid biology and ecology influence the epidemiology of CLRDV are also discussed, along with knowledge gaps that must be addressed to understand the risk of CLRDV spread and the negative impacts of CLRDD.

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