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Application Technology – Making the Most of Money Spent on Pesticides

By Thomas R. Butts, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Extension Weed Scientist
University of Arkansas
System Division of Agriculture
Lonoke, Arkansas

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Summary: Pesticide applications are complex processes that have been often overlooked in our pest management practices. Interactions between spray solutions, nozzles, spray volumes, and other application parameters can drastically impact spray drift potential and the resulting biological effect of the application. In today’s agricultural industry, it is vital to maximize the effectiveness of each application while minimizing off-target spray movement, but this is often times a balancing act. A greater comprehension of application processes and understanding how to best use current application technologies is needed for both ground and aerial pesticide applications to accomplish this task. In this presentation, we discuss some ins and outs of ground and aerial pesticide applications, investigate the challenges of balancing drift management while maintaining high levels of pest control, and provide some recommendations to help with getting the most out of each dollar spent on a pesticide application.

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