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Focus on Cotton

Integrated Pest Management Panel

Moderator: Mark Brown
Director of Field Services
High Plains Cotton Industry
Plains Cotton Growers
Lubbock, Texas
Phone: 806-792-4904 Ext. 15

Contributors: Kerry Siders, Blayne Reed, and Suhas Vyavhare

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Summary: A panel discussion on Integrated Pest Management was presented that included: a review of the 2019 growing season; as well as unique insect, weed, and disease challenges that were experienced on the High Plains. The discussion included management of sugarcane aphids in grain sorghum, multiple species of true bugs that required management in cotton, cotton aphid concerns, occurrence of cotton rust, and discussion regarding the potential threat of Fusarium wilt race 4 (FOV4) that could be introduced as a seed-borne pathogen in Pima type cotton. Panelists also provided insight and suggestions for managing nematodes and Verticillium wilt during the 2020 growing season.

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