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Texas IPM Program Update

By David Kerns, Ph.D.
Texas IPM Program Coordinator
Department of Entomology
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas

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Summary: The goal of the Texas IPM Program is to promote the adoption of sound, science driven crop production practices and IPM in crops, homes, landscapes and schools. The Texas IPM Program is composed of 13 IPM Agents and 6 Program Specialists. IPM Agents and Program Specialist conduct applied research relevant to their respective program scope and geographic regions. These programs are based on directives specified by clientele orchestrated steering committees. Additionally, most IPM Agents assist agricultural producers in decision making by running scouting programs. An example of the applied research being conducted is the investigation into unexpected bollworm injury in Bt cotton. This research has determined that bollworms have developed resistance to several key Bt proteins. In response, new thresholds for bollworms in Bt cotton have been developed and insecticide efficacy tests have identified best mitigation responses.

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